The 5 best things about the Flash Crash

- "On May 6 2010, major U.S. market indices dropped by over 9%, with a 7% decline within one 15-minute span, temporarily evaporating $1 trillion in market capitalization, before recovering. The SEC has not yet determined what caused this event. In their examinations, the SEC is dealing with a world that has changed a lot from the traditional floor-based outcry model; the percentage of total volumes executed by floor brokers and specialists fell from 52% in 1999 to 7.5% as of 2007."
- "That’s why the Flash Crash discussion includes a focus on high-frequency trading. Market research estimates that HFT has grown in the U.S. to 70% of all trades (50%-60% of shares traded). In Japan, HFT is roughly 30% of all trading, and in Europe, 40%. The broad category of HFT includes funds that employ algorithms to arbitrage away market variances (e.g., between exchange traded funds and their component stocks), a benign and helpful function for markets. Other HFTs track the order flow of other participants to both influence and benefit from it, which engenders a lot more debate."
JPMorgan Eye on the Market 20100713

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