- Overview "Testing for stress"
- Pensions: Doubts about the long-term sustainability of public pension schemes "This week, the European Commission has unveiled a Green Paper on pension reform. It should start a debate on ensuring the long-term sustainability of the pension systems. In the European Union, age-related government spending (as percentage of GDP) is expected to increase by 5.1 percentage points between 2010 and 2060. The countries most at risk are those that have earnings related schemes as part of the public pension systems. In particular citizens in these countries fear that their pension entitlement will be negatively affected by economic and financial events."
- US housing market: a long tunnel "Now that the tax credit scheme has come to an end, the residential real estate market is not showing signs of a solid recovery. In May new homes sales were at an all-time low, with sales of existing homes at a level similar to that in September 2009. Although the strong downward trend in real estate prices that prevailed until the beginning of 2009 is over, no real recovery is under way. However, there are some positive signs. Household real estate purchasing power is quite strong, due to the sharp correction that has already taken place in prices and the very low level of interest rates. And despite weak sales, stocks of new homes have continued to shrink over recent months."

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