GS Sustain Monthly Focus

- GS SUSTAIN identifies long-term leaders "The GS SUSTAIN framework identifies long-term investment opportunities across global industries. The GS SUSTAIN Focus List brings together the leaders we identify in each of the sectors examined to date. We make no changes to the GS SUSTAIN Focus List in this update. Since the launch of the GS SUSTAIN Focus List on June 22, 2007, mature industry leaders have outperformed the MSCI World All Country Index by 38.7% and emerging industry leaders have outperformed this benchmark by 2.5%."
- Further evidence of economic realignment "Second quarter earnings reported by companies in each region have so far exceeded consensus expectations by more than the long-run average but uncertainty over the economic outlook is growing, particularly in the US where economic data has begun to point to slowing growth. In our view GS SUSTAIN’s long-term perspective, and the economic realignment central to the analysis of many industries, provides a valuable roadmap."
- We highlight GS SUSTAIN mature industry leaders with attractive valuation entry points "The mature industry stocks on the GS SUSTAIN Focus List are identified without reference to earnings or asset multiples. We screen these companies to highlight those for which (1) our analysts have strong positive views, (2) valuations are attractive versus peers and (3) valuations are attractive versus history. Among the mature industry leaders, we highlight Vallourec, Monsanto, 3M, Qualcomm, ABB, Vestas and Lenovo."
- Our recent research highlights opportunities in emerging industries "On July 27, we published Emerging Industries: Identifying pure-play growth opportunities in a changing world. Our top-down analysis of global economic trends, consumption patterns and resource constraints highlights 15 growth themes, and 464 companies exposed to those themes from
Goldman Sachs global coverage. We highlight 56 leaders offering rapid forecast growth, reasonable valuations and attractive positions in their industries."

GoldmanSachs GS Sustain Monthly Focus 20100802

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