The pirate inside us: In the depths of copyright

- "The tide of information online is rising inexorably. Second by second, terabyte upon terabyte of new images, songs, films and other forms of digital content are being uploaded onto the internet. New digital content is being created, consumed, modified, shared and disseminated virally with no loss in quality at low cost."
- "The internet is altering our requirements and our consumption habits. Many consumers find themselves faced with the question of whether to buy digital content stored on a physical medium or to simply download their preferred artists or favourite films online. While the sales of physical media are trending down, fans are using their computers to download individual songs or entire albums by their favourite bands."
- "The majority of files downloaded from the internet are pirated copies since they infringe copyright."
- "This is the fate being suffered by the music and film industries, along with the computer games and digital book markets."
- "Is this solely a threat or is it also an opportunity for change? Are creative minds and thus innovation online hindered or promoted by traditional intellectual property rights? Can free licensing models be an alternative to traditional copyright and help to broaden the knowledge commons with greater creative freedom?"

DeutscheBank Current Issues 20100824

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