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- "Markets are gripped by pessimism about a global slowdown and the risk of deflation. We think that pessimism is overdone, leading to our constructive view on risky assets. On today’s Strategy Forum we explore two aspects of that more constructive view."
- "First, we see cyclical and structural reasons why Asia will do well despite tepid developed-market growth. Chetan Ayha (Asia-Pacific economics) and Ridham Desai (India equity strategy) will discuss why they see the growth baton passing from China to India by 2013-15, highlighting the investment implications of that shift. Second, do you want to get paid for owning risky assets? Graham Secker (Europe equity strategy) offers a menu of stocks that exploit dividend yields exceeding bond yields. Rashique Rahman (EM macro strategy) outlines the case for EM debt, where yields are still high. And Hussein Allidina (commodities strategy) explores the allure of gold as a tailrisk hedge, based on low real rates."
- "As an aside, after meetings in Asia last week, I believe Asian investors are generally aligned with our views, especially on relative performance. Not surprisingly, they are upbeat on their region and on commodity prices. Big Asian investment funds are increasingly interested in EM

Morgan Stanley Strategy Forum 20100823

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