Tin sparkles

- "Tin’s impressive performance among the base metals is long overdue. By the end of August it was the star performer amongst base metals in 2010, with the price up 21% since the start of the year, to $21,475t, and 53% higher on year ago levels, with only nickel threatening its ascendency, at 16% and 21%, respectively. Although tin volumes traded on the LME are dwarfed by those of the other base metals (apart from molybdenum and cobalt), tin nevertheless remains a crucial industrial metal, particularly since the demise of lead in electronics’ soldering. The global tin market remains in a chronic supply shortfall that can ultimately be traced back to the tin price collapse some 25 years ago. Since that time, tin mineral exploration has been constrained, and compounded in the past five years by the lagged rebound in the tin price compared with the other base metals. Now tin faces what might be a prolonged period of price  strength due to a worsening supply shortfall that might persist for some years to come."

ABNAmro Metals Monthly Sep2010

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