- Overview "A slight improvement for the eurozone’s peripheral"
- Germany: Fiscal consolidation measures "The general deficit will continue to widen in 2010 and will likely rise to circa 4.5% of GDP from 3.1% in 2009. The government announced, in early June, measures aimed at cutting the structural deficit by nearly EUR 28 billion between 2010 and 2014, lowering it from 2.2% to 1.0% of GDP during the period. The general deficit could thus drop back to 3% of GDP by 2012 and 2% in 2013. It remains low in comparison with other euro-zone countries and Germany will benefit from the economic upturn in 2010 to a greater extent than many other euro-zone countries."
- United States: Never again? Financial reform is passed "Congress has passed the financial reform act promoted by the Obama administration. The bill is designed to reduce systemic risk, better regulate financial players and products and provide better protection for consumers and investors. Regulators will have to iron out many of the details of the mechanisms approved by Congress. Practical implementation of the reform will make it more or less drastic, and will inevitably take time."

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