Sheer Lunacy staring at the Heavens

- "This paper presents a study of correlations between the moon phases and behaviour of financial markets, and suggests a medium-to-long term trading strategy, which can significantly increase profits. It also takes a quick look at planetary alignments and what could be significant in terms of timing for the coming weeks (really bad for stocks)."
- "For many years, people have been monitoring relations between natural phenomena and industrial performances or markets behaviour in order to be able to estimate future performance and adapt to changes to either maximise the profits or minimise losses. In many cultures, it is well accepted that moon phases could influence peoples’ behaviour, (90 countries in the world today use the Lunar calendar as the basis for time measurement), whereas scientists established its relation to rising and low tides. New moon traditionally symbolise the period of low energy, or energy accumulation period, whereas the time of full moon is the period of high energy or spending period. The question arises of whether this observation could be extended to markets behaviour."
RBS Equity Special 20100707

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