Fear of a double dip keeps yields low

- "The ECB unlikely to be in a hurry to tighten monetary conditions. The first rate hike is seen in late H2 2011."
- "Danish short bond yields – such as F1 floating-rate bonds – should remain low for a long time, but the risk of an independent hike of CD rates has increased."
- "Our forecast for German bond yields has been revised slightly lower for the coming three months. However, we still expect yields in Germany to move up slowly from current low levels in the medium term."
- "Weaker data and a dovish Fed cause us to postpone the first rate hike from the Fed until Q4 2011."
- "Long US bond yields should decline further in the next few months. In the medium term we expect the US yield curve to move higher."
- "The US and German yield curves are expected to continue to flatten in the coming months."

DenDanske New Yield Forecast 20100813

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