Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey

- "The Fed's Senior Loan Opinion Survey for July (Q3) was generally encouraging as credit standards in most sectors were eased."
- "Following the very abrupt change in tone in the previous Fed statement (where the survey was available for the members) there had been some speculation that credit survey had deteriorated. This was not the case."
- "Further we had been fearing that the turmoil from the euro debt crisis in the spring, might have led to some tightening - but there is no evidence of this."
- "However, a special question revealed that lending to European banks had been tightened."
- "Generally, the survey brings good news, which indicates that headwinds from the credit tightening to the recovery is fading - and in some sectors credit is even about to turn into tailwind according to these data."
- "The lack of credit growth is now mainly attributable to slow demand rather than tighter credit."

DenDanske Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey July2010

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