East wind, west wind

- Overview - East wind, west wind
- Germany: Growth sets in "In Q2 2010, Germany reported the strongest growth since reunification, up 2.2% after 0.5% in Q1, buoyed not only by foreign trade but by other factors as well. Household consumption picked up again thanks notably to the decline in the unemployment rate to 7.6% in August. Companies have increase investment spending due to brighter growth prospects and the upturn in production capacity utilisation rates."
- Emerging countries: sustained growth without overheating "In Q2 2010, real GDP growth in emerging countries remained sustained at still around 7% qoq annualised despite the slowdown of exports in may Asian countries, notably China. Inflation has flattened out since February-March in most of countries. In contrast with what occurred in 2007-2008, strains on oil prices and commodity food prices in the first half have had a muted impact on headline inflation. Financing conditions have become more favourable than before the financial crisis for the best rated borrowers. However, the risks of stock market and real estate bubbles are lower than it was at end- 2009."

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