Cutting public deficits in France: between ambition and political will

- "On 30 June, the French government presented a preparatory report in the run-up to the forthcoming public finance policy debate."
- "The report sets out the main measures that need to be taken to cut public deficits in 2011-2013 from 8% in 2010 to 3% of GDP in 2013. A full, detailed, three-year budget for 2011-2013 will be presented in the autumn."
- "The reduction of 5 points of GDP in deficit ratios over three years is extremely ambitious. Four of the five percentage point would come from structural measures, and notably a very marked slowdown in public spending of 0.6% per year by volume in 2011-2013 compared with an average increase of 2.2% per year in 1998- 2008. The remaining percentage point would be achieved through the cyclical growth, with forecast volume growth of 2.5% a year."
- "This scenario clearly seems too optimistic. Based on our own forecast of growth returning very gradually to its potential rate, the ratio of deficit to GDP should come out at 4.5% in 2013. Additional measures are thus likely to be necessary to counter these cyclical effects and achieve the announced target."
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