Quality Ideas with a Catalyst: Stock Specific Names for the Current Market

- "With last week’s strong market rally coming on the heels of the prior weeks’ strong re-entrenchment, we believe there is much investor scepticism over the future
direction of the market. Macro economic data remains weak: business and consumer confidence are soft, the manufacturing recovery has stalled and labor market growth is anaemic. On the other hand, valuations are potentially attractive in many stocks and sectors. Heading into earnings season, there is a potential for upside surprises in a number of stocks which makes a defensive positioning a risky scenario for investors."
- "We are recommending a combination approach for investors: going long highquality stocks that are attractive valued on a free-cash-flow basis that have also been experiencing significant upwards earnings revisions. We believe this combination of attractively valued high-quality names that are experiencing a “catalyst” in the form of upwards earnings revisions positions investors well for the current market. These are defensive stocks that could deliver better than expected earnings this quarter."
Barclays Equity Research 20100712

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