Gas glut reaches Europe

- "A gas glut is heralding the dawn of a new era. This new era is marked by technological progress, greater convergence between global gas markets and the declining relevance of established pricing patterns in the continental European pipeline business. The areas concerned are the typical large-scale projects, the international supply relationships and the downstream trading and usage levels."
- "The free-market price of gas will become the new benchmark and will be the guide for the price of pipeline gas. We expect a pronounced buyers‟ market to develop in the European gas sector by 2013, with North America dictating the price trend. Following the end of the low-price phase from around 2014 onwards we do not expect to see a renaissance of the longstanding link with the oil price."
- "The gas glut is bringing opportunities for domestic customers to benefit from pricing changes and providing greater flexibility for industrial users. Traditional municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers are coming under pressure. By contrast, major opportunities are opening up for independent distributors, independent traders and newcomers. Power plant operators should review their procurement strategies. New challenges face gas producers and importers; they will not be in the same boat for much longer, as they will be competing against one another for tighter margins in future."
- "The security of supply in Europe is improving. The battle for unconventional gas deposits is in full swing. New pipelines and gas storage facilities currently appear to be less urgent. Nevertheless, there is a need to press ahead with the projects in the longer-term interest. Gas market liberalisation, the basis for the new competitive situation, must not under any circumstances be allowed to stagnate. The “Gas OPEC” is currently toothless, but its time will come. Europe should therefore invest in more open structures, globally diversified sources and new technologies – and also trust in the creative vigour of market participants."
DeutscheBank EU Monitor 20100708

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