AUD: Seeing Green

- AUD: Seeing Green "National elections typically have little effect on the AUD, but a high probability of a hung parliament and a potentially important role for minority parties in the government have raised the level of uncertainty about this Saturday’s election. We discuss the potential implications for the AUD."
- EMEA FX: Picking your location carefully "EMEA currencies are being supported by inflows to local bond markets, but we feel that this support will be more selective in the future."
- VND: Vietnam weakens the dong to support growth "The State Bank of Vietnam weakened its currency against a backdrop of easing inflation. We expect a balance of payments surplus, allowing the build-up of FX reserves."
- MYR: A positive, albeit modest, step to improve FX spot convertibility "We expect USD/MYR to drift towards 3.05 in 12m, driven by the government’s divestment plans and the potential FTSE upgrade."

Barclays FX Weekly Brief 20100819

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