Richard Koo: Global economic slowdown grows more pronounced

- "Signs of a slowdown in the global economy have become more prominent over the last two weeks. The deceleration in economic activity was reflected in the US jobs report and new unemployment claims, European industrial output, and Japanese consumer confidence. It was also reported on Monday that Japan’s inflation-adjusted GDP grew only 0.4% y-y in the Apr–Jun quarter, confirming that the recent slowdown actually began this spring."
- "This string of weak data led to a further correction in equities and pushed bond prices higher (and yields lower). Strong demand for government debt was underlined by yields of substantially less than 3% for the 10-year Treasury note and less than 1% for the 10-year Japanese government bond."
- "In Ireland and some other countries in the eurozone, meanwhile, marked economic weakness fanned concerns about the future, leading investors to sell bonds and send interest rates higher."
- "In the currency markets, the narrowing yield differential between Japan and other nations prompted further buying of the yen, which set a new post-Lehman high of 84.72 against the US dollar."

Nomura Flash Report 20100817

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