Brazil’s China connection

- "Brazil, with its big exposure to commodities, would not be as insulated from a slowdown in Chinese growth as many seem to think."
- The Fed: from credit easing to quantitative easing "By growing its Treasury holdings, the Fed’s policy is set to resemble conventional QE."
- United States:The Fed introduces a new target "The aim is to stem any deterioration in expectations for growth and inflation."
- Europe: Weak credit growth but not too bad "Credit conditions in the second half of 2010 have tightened less than feared."
- Japan: Possible temporary fall in industrial production "It would be the first in six quarters, driven by a modest correction in inventories."
- EEMEA: Wheat a minute "Recent global wheat price increases will have an effect via several channels."
- India: The liquidity outlook and its implications "An insufficient rise in foreign assets could add to downside risks to growth."
- Brazil: How vulnerable is Brazil to China? "More than many people think. We explain why."
- Bahrain: Slowly recovering "The recovery and a net creditor position support a more positive outlook."
- Norway: Not ready for a rate hike yet "We expect the Norges Bank to hike rates next in December."

Nomura Global Weekly Economic Monitor 20100813

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