European worries resurfacing

- The coming surge in food prices
"Rising demand, supply constraints and feedback loops all point to that."
- United States: Right diagnosis, wrong cure
"The President is right to try to boost growth, but we think his latest proposals are awry."
- Europe: Perceptions on inflation expectations
"Short-run measures of inflation views reflect perceptions more than expectations."
- Japan: Improvements in efficiency of capital stock
"Companies have been steadily improving productivity and efficiency."
- Asia ex-Japan: Taking stock of monetary policy
"We single out four economies, where the current monetary stance risks being too loose."
- Emerging Markets: EEMEA: All politics is local
"A constellation of political risks is emerging, which could impact financial markets."
- Europe: Tales from the periphery: Has the crisis returned?
"The widening in sovereign spreads looks unjustified by the news."

- Sweden: A possible second term for the right
"We expect the ruling coalition to win narrowly in the 19 September general election."
- Australia: Strong, broad-based growth ahead
"We are revising up our GDP growth forecasts for 2010 and 2011."
- Canada: A cut (hike) above
"The recovery looks more sustainable; we see policy rates reaching 1.25% by year-end."
- Turkey: Auto demand on auto-pilot
"The recent acceleration in auto sales suggests that the slow recovery is speeding up."
- Romania: Metastable equilibria
"H2 should test the political resolve for austerity measures and the ability to endure them."

Nomura Global Weekly Economic Monitor 20100910

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